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Thursday, 11th November 2010
Learn how to process meat of poultry
In Tristar Culinary Institute Kitchen
Do you want to be good and qualified chef ? You have to understand the characteristic of the ingredients that you want to cook. In the culinary class this time, Tuesday ( 9th november 2010), 25 students will be taught to recognize the composition of meat made from poultry. This knowledge is very important, because it deals with selection of part of animal meat to conform to its cooking method.

Ensalada de Nacho

The Chef named Yanuar Kadaryanto, as a teacher said that the characteristic of meat was basically divided into two types that are : hard character meat and soft character meat. These two characters links to connective tissue inside the meat. The greater numbers of connective tissue in animal’s meat, the harder the meat character will be. We usually find this type of meat on part of animal’s body that moves a lot or on old animal.
Different character results in different treatment. For hard character meat, chef Yanuar said that it had to be cooked a little bit longer with small flame, and utilized liquid. Therefore, meat with this type of character is more suitable for food with broth such as rawon, soup etc. While, meat with soft character is more suitable for dry food such as sate or steak.
Furthermore, Chef Yanuar explains that there are three methods we can do to process meat to be soft, that is based on its cooking method ( as mentioned above ), mechanically and chemically. Mechanically cooking method is by cutting meat into small portion in order to let meat ripe and soft faster. While Chemically cooking method is by adding enzime to unprocessed meat, or injecting enzime to intended animal before cut. This enzim can be naturally obtained from papaya leaf extract named papain’s enzime.

Independent work : Tristar’s students were preparing their cooking media

The students tasted their cooking

Besides getting explanation on how to process meat of poultry, the students are not only devided into 4 groups but also encouraged to demonstrate directly the knowledge they had learned. This time we have 4 menus that are compulsory to process such as Ensalada de Nacho (salad buah), Grilled Tuna w/Pineapple Sc (tuna panggang dengan potongan nanas), Stir Fry Pork and Pear, and Pastel de Pasa y Nuez (sejenis cake).

Eventhough the students have been grouped in small groups, they are still able to learn from other groups. Besides that, they also can taste their own food as well as to examine the taste of food. The students seem to be cunning on food arrangement. Take a look the foods with wonderful arrangement below !

Ensalada de Nacho

Grilled Tuna w/Pineapple Sc

Pastel de Pasa y Nuez

Stir Fry Pork and Pear

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Wednesday, 10th November 2010
Creating with plastic chocolate in Tristar Culinary Institute Kitchen

For this time lecture, Monday (8th November 2010), the students of Tristar Culinary Institute were invited to create something using plastic chocolate or it was named as chocolate modeling. Plastic chocolate or chocolate’s modelling is an ornament / decoration made of chocolate, shaped according to imagination, and normally applied as cake’s ornament, cup’s cake, or wedding’s cake.
Once upon a time, you may be impressed to see this chocolate’s ornaments because of its funny shape and attractive colors. At glance, chocolate’s modeling seems inedible. But in fact, this chocolate can be eaten and it has endurance up to two weeks.
Why do we call it “ Plastic Chocolate” ? Because its character is elastic like plastic. To produce this type of chocolate, firstly, chocolate’s block has to be separated from its fat content by adding glucose and water. Thereafter, put the chocolate in the refrigerator for about 4 hours, then it can be shaped in accordance with our desire. If using white chocolate, it is necessary to add food colour after the above process, to add aesthetic value.

The students learned how to arrange flower’s ornament

A student made flower’s ornament successfully

For basic view, 16 students had to be able to understand how to make flower’s ornament well, together with its stems and leaves. The students were guided by Mr Chef Otje Herman, as a teacher of pastry and bakery class, starting from a step of making flower petals to flower arrangement. This task seemed as a challenge to students. After few trial, finally beautiful flowers were successfully made as shown below :

Beautiful plastic chocolate flowers
Upon main job completion, the students were allowed to create something with plastic chocolate. Some students preferred to make pig shape, crocodile, crab, giraffe, to zorro pig shape known as masked pig.

plastic chocolate fantasy adventure

“There are no special tips, it only needs strong power of imagination related to one’s artistic soul. Therefore the one’s outcome could be different with other’s” Chef Otje said.
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Cooking American Meatballs in Tristar Culinary Institute Kitachen
Enjoying a warm bowl of meatball soup in rainy season, could be one of alternatives that fits you. This type of foods seems quite familiar to many tongues. It is proven that we can easily find many meatball seller as well as buyers in every city. In traditional word especially in the school, the students recognize meatball as “pentol / cilok”.

Meatball’s term comes from Chinese that consist of two words which are Bak+So means soup for So and pork for Bak. By time, the use of pork in meatballs in Indonesia is slowly changed by other’s meat type such as beef. Meatballs must go through many modification process, till recently we’ve ever heard granade meatball, tennis meatball, cheese meatball and fruit meatball.
Besides dominating the tongue of asia people, meatball is also apparently famous to the country where Mr. Barack Obama rules which is America. Meatball is categorized as soup in America. Caldo de Albondigas is recipe name of a kind of meatball which processed directly by Tristar Culinary Institute students on Monday ( 8th November 2010 ) at Tristar Culinary Institute kitchen, at Jalan Raya Jemursari 234 A, Surabaya.

Coordination of Cooking Preparation

Atmosphere of Cooking in Culinary Class

The processing method of american meatball is not much different from the one’s in general. The only difference is this recipe utilize rice instead of flour which usually used as mixture of meatball’s raw material. The meat is finely milled then form round shape using cooked rice and finally boiled in broth.

American Meatball Cooking Process

To prepare a bowl of delicious meatball soup, Chef Yanuar Kadaryanto, as a teacher, shares tips. He said that the quality of meatball taste is determined by four factors that are the quality of meat that we will use, recipe’s composition ( percentage of meat and rice ),rubbery material and broth.
According to Chef who has been knowing culinary for 19 years, the meat which is used for meatball has to be really fresh and in good condition in order to make it rubbery. Besides that, it is recommended to choose part of cow’s body that has less fat. Caldo de Albondigas itself use upper thigh meat of cow as constituent raw materials.
While in order to make good broth, it is recommended to use cow’s cartilage or joint which boiled twice. The first boil is up to boiling in order to remove dirt and grease and the second boil is to obtain broth.
According to Chef Yanuar, the second boil must use low heat for a relatively long time, but it is not up to boiling. It is intended for protein content in meat can be dissolved in water. ”For approximately five to ten litres of water needs five to six hours with small flame and it doesn’t boil to produce broth”, He said. After this process is done, then we need to add various spices into broth.

Caldo de Albondigas

Besides cooking Caldo de Albondigas or american meatballs, 25 students of Tristar Culinary Institute who joined morning class were divided into 4 groups and they were asked to practise cooking directly for 3 recipes of american food such as Honey Lime Salad, Lamb Stew, dan Enchiladas de Pollo.

Lamb Stew

Honey Lime Salad

Enchiladas de Pollo
For students who take D1 and D2, Tristar Culinary Institute always gives theory and cooking practice everyday. Its composition even reaches 60% for practice and 40% for theory. These are the reasons for Eni, Junisia, Chandra, dan Shinta ( students of Tristar Culinary Institute ), chose Culinary School which had established since 2007. ” I am happy to take D1 culinary class because there are many practices here”, Chandra said.
Upon graduation, there are many opportunities for them to choose in order to achieve their dreams to be what they want to be such as working overseas till be enterpreneur. All of them were accommodated by Tristar Culinary Institute through provision of a comprehensive materials and practices from national food to international food such as America, Eropa, Cina and Asia.
Tristar Culinary Institute open many school programs and course classes. We have two programs available that are Diploma I and Diploma II with concentration on Culinary and Pastry. While for course classes will be conducted everyday starting from Monday to Friday but the students have to register first.
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Friday, 5th November 2010
American Food : No Need Many Spices, Raw Material Number One
At Tristar Culinary Institute Kitchen
At Tristar Culinary Institute, american food is one of variants of culinary world that students must know and learn. Besides American food, there are four another variants of culinary world that should be learned such as Indonesian food, Asian food, European food and Chinese food. On Thursday (4th November 2010), the students were invited to learn how to serve culinary menu friendly on tongues of American people.

What a great fun to make William Potatoe’s balls

As many as 25 students were split up into 5 groups in practical work. Upon gaining knowledge before, each group tries one American food’s recipe, including appetizer, soup and main menu. But yet there is possibility that the students also can learn the recipes from other groups. This time, the recipes that the students want to try to practice are Baked Mustard Chicken, William Potatoe, Burrito, Chile Rellenos, and Spinach n Shrimp Soup.

Processing American Food Traditionally

Preparing Baked Mustard Chicken
Cooking American food is much different from cooking Asian food or Indonesian food, but it is not much different from European taste. Memasak American Food, memang jauh berbeda dari memasak Asian Food, atau Indonesian Food, namun tidak jauh berbeda dari cita rasa masakan Eropa. The significant differences are on the spices used. According to Chef Yanuar Kadaryanto, as a teacher for this culinary class, American food seldom use spices such as salt, sugar and MSG compared to Indonesian/Asian food. Those spices have become Asian / Indonesian typical food.
“Even if I may say that American food tends to be tasteless. It doesn’t taste sweet or salty,” He said. Consequently, this liberal state people prefer to modify their food with a number of local herbs such as bayleaf, parsley, and oregano.

Spinach n Shrimp Soup

Chile Rellenos

Although the American food spices are not as complete as Indonesian’s, American food is still number one in term of its raw material. American people does not arbitrary process and consume meat. The meat for consumption should come from animals that are worthy to be cut or signed by stamps on their bodies.
Besides that, since the time of maintenance, the animals are not allowed to move too much so that they have no muscular body and their flesh harden. This must be done because the majority of American people like soft and tender meat for their consumption.

Chef Yanuar explained that new flesh that just slaughtered should not be processed for consumption. After its bowels cleaned, meat had to be hung for three to four days in a romm with controlled temperature.
“This has to be done to allow the meat go through period of rigor mortis. After passing that period, the meat will be back to soft condition,” He added.fil
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Getting closer to the chocolate candy
At Tristar Culinary Institute Kitchen

Chocolate. Hmm...hearing the name of this food, it is assured that you imagine something sweet in your mind. Chocolate is indeed food for all ages. Not only children, the older people also like chocolate. Normally, chocolate is given as a gift or parcel, with attractive shape, pattern and good taste. It is often people give as a form of declaration of love.
Basically, chocolate has character ”flexible”, which can match with many other food ingredients. Pada dasarnya, cokelat memiliki karakter ’supel’, alias bisa cocok dengan banyak bahan makanan lainnya. No wonder, the sweet black is often used as cover, ornament or food mixture.
This time, Thursday ( 4th November 2010 ), Tristar Culinary Institute invited the students to know more about praline’s chocolate. Chocolate is often found in a candy store or a sweet cake store, with different shapes and colors. Therefore, praline’s chocolate is often named as chocolate candy.

The students were guided by Chef Otje
to prepare praline’s chocolate filling
A number of sixteen students were divided into four groups after gaining theory from previous one-hour briefing. Each group is asked to practise how to make praline’s chocolate rich content such as Gaby Praline, Valencia Praline, Whisky Praline, dan Gavroche Pra

The students were happy while pouring
the liquid chocolate in the mold
Together with their team, the students learned the procedure on how to make praline’s chocolate step by step, starting from chocolate melting process, leather printing, filling preparation, chocolate filling, close and serve.

Ready to fill praline’s chocolate skin
In order to make delicious praline’s chocolate, Chef Otje Herman, as a teacher of Tristar has some tips. First tip is using compound chocolate. Problems of used brands can adjust the taste or habit. “Chocolate characteristic is unique, and each factory has known how to process it. This should to be understood to get maximum results,” He said.
Second tip is continously maintaining the cleanliness of printing media to get good chocolate appearance. Printing equipments should be kept clean and dry, clean from water or oil. He also suggested that usage of metal mold or acrelin to get shining chocolate.

Gaby Praline

Gavroche Praline

And the third tip deals with chocolate processing. Actually praline’s chocolate does not use any mixture. Mixture of milk, butter and sugar is not needed in the process of melting and processing of praline’s chocolate.

Whisky Praline (left) and Valencia Praline (right)

”Chocolate can not be mixed with anything because it can change texture and level of hardness,” Chef Otje said. In order to get various flavor, contents can be added into praline’s chocolate. In the process of filling, skin condition of praline’s chocolate has to be really hard, and for liquid filling material such as alcohol, should be frozen in advance before use.
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